Rock Trio From East Sussex, England

One More Hill……..

Ok, I admit… 2 years is a long time not to have posted ANYTHING about Zebra3.

There have been some other projects that have drawn my time –  a gigging blues and country band, an acoustic covers band, being in various countries around the middle east for months at a time…..

Stormy day in the Hajar mountains

This photo I took in the Hajar mountains evokes the feeling of continued challenge, where every journey will inevitably involve some kind of obstacle to be overcome. I have recently come to embrace this. In conversation with Sean recently it dawned on me how much we’d actually done, musically, over the years. And after a little scratching around the dark corners of the laptop I realised there were enough new songs and ideas on the ‘board’ to add to a new project.

So here we go……….

Some of the tracks have actually been properly recorded as part of the ‘Gotta Bend to Straighten out’ bunch of ideas. But now, after 2 years, it’s not a project which has moved on at all, for one reason or another. So now I have a renewed enthusiasm to complete a bunch of songs, some brand new, some projects going back to 1999 before I joined what remained of the band “The Dale Coopers” in Ashford, Kent.

The difference this time………..following the recording of ‘Neon’ at the Lightship95 I kind of got around to the fact that additional instruments and sounds could be added to the tracks in support of the ‘song’ to carry the idea, whereas the original recordings we did at Sunlight Etc., were strictly along the lines of what we could actually reproduce as a three-piece.

They’ll still be Zebra3 songs. Just with other bits.



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