Rock Trio From East Sussex, England

Getting Ready

The other ones were easy…….p1060218

I’ve been here before……..quite a few times. Getting ready for a recording session. This time, it’s different-VERY different. Previous sessions have arrived at a point where we are comfortable with a song – gig ready – and it’s a take. Music-sorted, Lyrics-sorted – printed out ready for the vocal takes to reduce the number of fluffs while the red light is on. We played the songs like we were gigging them, nothing added in that we couldn’t replicate live. Same kit, Amps, effects, all our own stuff. A road with a map.

This session will be a lot more loose, I’m hoping to lose the map and get a little lost this time. I can HEAR the song, we’ve attempted it at rehearsals a few times, I know the feel of what the song is about, and I want to capture that. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll have to go beyond the usual song format to achieve that.

At this point in time, I’m just packing the bags and preparing for adventure.

Sometimes a detour can actually take you to a better place than your original destination.



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