Rock Trio From East Sussex, England

The delicate art of keeping a band together………..

OR- How the HELL is this project still going!

It still amazes me, really. It started with the bizarre situation of our lead singer quitting the band. What followed was a Eureka moment a few rehearsals later when we all realised we would rather be playing our own music than covers. 2009 ! And this year we’re back in the studio for another session. We’re not the busiest band on the circuit, in fact only having played showcases, what continues is the invisible ‘glue’ which keeps it going. I’m not even sure if I’m fully in control of it – could be heart-felt devotion to the project, or equally- sheer stubborn bloody-mindedness to not let go of something we started. Technology helps -facebook, e-mails – all that instant click ability to keep in touch – wherever in the world we are. AND we’ve weathered some major personal upheavals – is this the baseline of our lives? The place we come back to? A constant foundation to stand on, when everything else falls apart? I would be mightily impressed if it is! All I really know is-we’ve kept going, and THAT at least is something.

559690_ 0092

Canterbury College new theatre, Kent, England


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